Gokul Orphanage

Manavya's GOKUL project is perhaps the first orphanage started in India for HIV positive children.

Gokul Orphanage

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UMED Mobile Clinic

Manavya started “UMED” mobile clinic activity from 2008 with 5 villages half day only. 

UMED Mobile Clinic

Vadhuvar Mela

On 10th February Manavya along with the association with Rotary Club of Pune Metro, Akshada Vivaha Mandal and NMP+ organized a Vadhuvar Mela. This was organized for HIV people only. The aim of this this program is to bring together prospective brides and bridegroom who of share the same fate and are HIV. In spite of being HIV positive they do have the right to live a wholesome life. Manavya has always being involved in the complete lifecycle of a HIV child and marriage is an imperative part in line of giving a home to these HIV people of their own.

We saw a huge crowd gather for the program, the success of this program lies with two marriages been finalized. These two marriages finalized with take the plunge into the marital life with a new hope.

Vadhuvar melava


Performances By Children on Foundation Day

20th Foundation Day celebrated by Manavya on 18th June, was a day to be remembered. With joy all over we as Manavay family adore this day when are little artist have some new to display from their basket of talent. To share a glimpse of what our children performed we have uploaded their performances on youtube and the link for these is as follows




Achievement of Mohit Punekar our special child

Mohit Punekar got an opportunity to participate and represent our state of Maharashtra in 'National Winter Sports Special Olympics Bharat' for the floor ball hockey game. This nationwide tournament for special category children was conducted in the Bilaspur area of Himachal Pradesh from 2 February to 7 February. 

Mohit acted both as a defender and striker in this tournament, and managed to play with a magnificent skill and balance. Only two children from Larc school were shortlisted for this significant event. There were 20 teams which were participating for this tournament, and most outstanding achievement among all of this was Maharashtra team won a gold medal in this tournament by clearing all the initial rounds and winning the finals.Our team proved out to best and unbreakable at the end.   Mohit with his Gold medal

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Educational & Vocational Training

A primary school was run by Manavya for the standards 1 -7 in Gokul premises from year 1999 to 2010.

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Success Stories

Challenges strengthen our resolve and success inspires us to do more. Here are a few such inspirations  


Global Giving

Manavya has projects in the fields of Education, Health, and Residential Care.



Assimilation of HIV+ People into the Society without any Stigma and offer them Equal Opportunities to Excel in life.


To provide residential care and rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS affected destitute-orphaned children and women.

Manavya is a registered NGO under Bombay Public Trust Act,1950 (BPT No. E/2485), Pune with Income Tax Certificate No PN/CIT-I/80G/63/1735.

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