Vijaya Lawate

The dynamic founder of Manavya, Late Mrs Vijayatai Lawate, has worked for more than 35 years for rehabilitation of commercial sex workers and their children. The beginning of her work started with Sarvesham Seva Sangh with the focus mainly on rehabilitation of sex workers and monitoring, offering guidance to their children through education.

Later, Vijaya Tai continued to work for Nihar, wherein the focus was mainly to rehabilitate children of commercial sex workers. After her withdrawal from Nihar project in 1997, she realized that HIV/AIDS was spreading rapidly in this community and children were the gravely affected in various ways. A strong need for rehabilitation as well as quality medical support was required and the seed of “Manavya” was planted by her. Vijaya Tai’s tireless and selfless service in this area is recognized by Government and also other institutions. Her efforts were recognized and appreciated and she was conferred upon many awards.

Recognitions and Awards

•    2011 AIDS Awareness Cell Award by District Congress Committee, Pune City

•    2008 Women’s Day felicitation by Anandvan Trust

•    2005 Women’s Day felicitation by Bharati Vidyapeeth Social Work College, Pune

•    2004 Baya Karve Award to Vijayatai Lawate

•    2003 The Margarate Golding Award by International Inner Wheel

•    2000 Kesari Award to Vijayatai Lawate

•    2000 Ugandhar Award to Vijayatai Lawate

•    1997 Savitribai Phule Award to Vijayatai Lawate

•    1997 Jane Harris Award by Rotary Foundation to Vijayatai Lawate

•    1996 FIE Foundation Award to Vijayatai Lawate

•    1996 Pune Municipal Corporation Award

•    1995 Smt. Minatai Thakare Award

•    1995 Bhatia Memorial Charitable Trust Award, Delhi, to Vijaytai Lawate