Home Based Care

Umed, one of Manavya’s mobile clinic project, worked deligently to locate HIV+ families residing in nearby villages and slums of Bhuagaon. Manavya’s aim is to support these families through nutrition, medicine (vitamins),as a Part of Educational aid,so that the child can stay with his/her family & continue the education as a normal child in society.

Manavya’s aim is to help reduce children being stigmatised due to prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Apart from this we also provide guidance & counselling to the child as well as family members as per their needs.





At present Manavya supports 25 such families from the villages surrounding Bhugaon, near to Pune city. We have observed that, this Sponsorship program benefitted the families in number of ways, i.e. significant reduction in frequency of illness, improvement in health status due to high protein diet & medicines, maintain CD4 count, positive attitude towards life because of time to time counselling.