Gokul Orphanage

Manavya's GOKUL project is perhaps the first orphanage started in India for HIV positive children.

Gokul Orphanage

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You can help us various ways. You can become a volunteer and help out in various projects that we conduct.

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UMED Mobile Clinic

Manavya started “UMED” mobile clinic activity from 2008 with 5 villages half day only. 

UMED Mobile Clinic

"Tarunyabhan Workshop" of Dr. Rani Bang

We have organized a “Tarunyabhan Workshop” of Dr. Rani Bang and her team from 23rd January to 25th January, 2020 at Manohar Mangal Hall, Pune.

The workshop is mainly arranged for HIV infected & affected adolescent children between 13 to 18 years of age group. There were around 100 children participated in the workshop.

The main purpose of the workshop was to provide scientific guidance on the various problems of children of adolescent age. Dr. Rani Bang and her co-workers guided children through various motivational short video clips and fun games.

The workshop has certainly been a great benefit to the children. We see a good change in their behavior. Children are starting to think very positively. The children experienced this unique workshop that motivated and guided them to think right and in a positive way in their minds.

Educational & Vocational Training

A primary school was run by Manavya for the standards 1 -7 in Gokul premises from year 1999 to 2010.

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Success Stories

Challenges strengthen our resolve and success inspires us to do more. Here are a few such inspirations  


Global Giving

Manavya has projects in the fields of Education, Health, and Residential Care.



Assimilation of HIV+ People into the Society without any Stigma and offer them Equal Opportunities to Excel in life.


To provide residential care and rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS affected destitute-orphaned children and women.

Manavya is a registered NGO under Bombay Public Trust Act,1950 (BPT No. E/2485), Pune with Income Tax Certificate No PN/CIT-I/80G/63/1735.

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