• Taking one step further…..

    It gives us immense pleasure to inform about the recent ongoing activities in Manavya. With the help of generous funding from people like you, we are able to provide various facilities to the children.

            Recently a new library is established in Manavya exclusively for English books. Efforts are made to make the library more innovative & attractive. Children need to improve their command on English language. Pallavi is continuing with the spoken English classes while the new library program will help to improve the progress rate



    New computers are added in the existing computer lab which has helped more number of children to get the exposure to basic computer training & spend quality time. Mr. Shaikh was given further training related to E learning so as to teach the children in a better way. We will be providing internet access for the children.



    Sandeep who is pursuing diploma in computer technology is facing difficulty in understanding & keeping peace in his studies. We are making efforts to make it easy for him & to clear his doubts from time to time. A tutor is appointed to teach him Mathematics & other difficult subjects. Pankaj is doing well in his studies.