Inauguration of Tailoring Class

tailoring classManavya has always endeavored to give a secured future to the children. Every child has an inherent quality in them, over the years we have always harnessed the creativity of the children. While developing the cognitive skills we are also encouraging the children to develop the social skills.

In developing any skill we have never demarcated line between the boys and girls we believe that both the gender should be self-sufficient.

So to bring the picture in reality Manavya inaugurated the first ever sewing and tailoring class for the children. This training has been started by Mangal Seva Yojana Mumbai and it is in collaboration with Manilal Nanavati Training Institute which is under the wing of Mahashree Shikshan Sanstha.

The aim of the training is to provide a self-help program which will help to give a child a startup with its own enterpership. This program will congeal training skills of boys and girls who will be employer rather than being an employee. This program also cater to our Care mother who dedicate their lives to our institute. Through this program we are trying to make them self-efficient then in future they can stand on their own feet.